Todos los días, millones de personas en todo el mundo visitan un centro de atención médica. El cuidado y manejo de los instrumentos utilizados para tratar a los pacientes es vital para su salud y no hay margen de error.

ASP es líder en prevención de infecciones, dedicado a crear los productos, soluciones y procesos que necesitan los profesionales para proteger a los pacientes durante sus momentos más críticos. Estamos comprometidos con el avance continuo de las tecnologías de prevención de infecciones de las que depende la atención médica.

Ante todo, ponemos al paciente en primer lugar.

Somos Advanced Sterilization Products.


  1. Does not eliminate bedside cleaning and may not eliminate manual cleaning; Health Care facilities should follow their own policies and procedures related to the processing of endoscopes to ensure they are complying with all steps recommended by the device manufacturers and are consistent with current standards and guidelines. Not all endoscopes can be automatically cleaned but may be high-level disinfected. It is recommended that endoscopes with open/close elevator wire channels be manually cleaned as per manufacturer’s instructions in addition to using the cleaning cycle of the EVOTECH® System. Please refer to the EVOTECH® ECR User Guide and specific connection diagrams for more detailed information regarding cycle capabilities.
  2. In countries where distributed. Includes wash, high-level disinfection, rinses, MRC testing and alcohol flush. For all qualified endoscopes except duodenoscopes which require additional time. Assuming nominal conditions for water pressure, flow rate and temperature.
  3. 15 or 30 minutes time to results dependent on software version of the STERRAD VELOCITY® Reader. Refer to the IFU for actual time to results.
  4. This product is not a sterilant. Ensure adequate ventilation and wear the appropriate PPE. Please refer to the CIDEX® OPA Solution instructions for use for additional information.

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