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Every day, millions of people around the world visit a healthcare facility. The care and handling of instruments used to treat patients is vital to their health outcome, and there is no room for error.

Advanced Sterilization Products is a leader in infection prevention, dedicated to creating the products, solutions, and processes needed by practitioners to protect patients during their most critical moments. Our ultimate responsibility is to the patient—it is our job to elevate the standard of care for patients everywhere, and we are committed to continuously advancing infection prevention technologies that healthcare depends upon.

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Together with our customers, ASP is forging a path towards a more resilient and empowered healthcare workforce, ensuring optimal patient care and a sustainable healthcare system. We are driven to do our part as leaders in sterilization.

- Chad Rohrer

President, Advanced Sterilization Products


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A group of scientists from a company in Texas pioneered the novel idea of using hydrogen peroxide for device sterilization. In 1987, this company officially formed as Advanced Sterilization Products.

ASP’s first vaporized hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizer, the STERRAD™ 100 System received FDA clearance in 1993. This first-of-its-kind technology sterilizes medical devices by diffusing hydrogen peroxide vapor into the chamber and then electromagnetically exciting the hydrogen peroxide molecules into a low-temperature plasma state. The combined use of hydrogen peroxide vapor and plasma safely and rapidly sterilizes medical instruments and materials without leaving toxic residue.

ASP continued to innovate over the years, introducing other sterilization systems such as the STERRAD NX™ System in 2005 and STERRAD™ 100NX System in 2007, both released with a Standard cycle for general medical instruments and a Flex cycle for single-channel flexible endoscopes. In 2006, the EVOTECH™ Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor, a premium, dual basin system that automates cleaning and high-level disinfection of endoscopes was launched.1 The STERRAD™ 100NX system then received cycle upgrades including an EXPRESS Cycle, compatible with the Intuitive Surgical® da Vinci® Surgical Endoscope in 2011 and a DUO Cycle in 2012, validated for flexible scopes and cameras. ASP then introduced the ALLClear™ Technology software upgrade for the STERRAD NX™ System and the STERRAD™ 100NX System in 2016, which allowed for less canceled cycles, connectivity to the ASP ACCESS™ Data Station and hospital’s ITS, plus on-screen guides to increase compliance. In 2018, ASP introduced the STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator (BI)/ Process Challenge Device (PCD), providing a fast and reliable way to verify the effectiveness of the STERRAD™ Sterilization Cycle. The ASP AEROFLEX™ Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) was introduced in 2019 single basin system that automates the washing and high level disinfection cycle of flexible semi-critical endoscopes.2 In 2020, the 15-minute Ultra BI software upgrade for STERRAD VELOCITY™ BI/PCD was released.3

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ASP is proud to be a Fortive operating company. At its root, Fortive means STRENGTH - strength in numbers, strength in skills and perspectives, strength in our shared conviction to make an impact. Fortive is a global team, 19,000 strong, energized by a powerful purpose as we create essential technology that helps the world move forward.

Though we’re spread around the globe, we’re united by a powerful continuous improvement mindset. At Fortive, anything is possible.


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  1. Does not eliminate bedside cleaning and may not eliminate manual cleaning; Health Care facilities should follow their own policies and procedures related to the processing of endoscopes to ensure they are complying with all steps recommended by the device manufacturers and are consistent with current standards and guidelines. Not all endoscopes can be automatically cleaned but may be high-level disinfected. It is recommended that endoscopes with open/close elevator wire channels be manually cleaned as per manufacturer’s instructions in addition to using the cleaning cycle of the EVOTECH™ System. Please refer to the EVOTECH™ ECR User Guide and specific connection diagrams for more detailed information regarding cycle capabilities.
  2. In countries where distributed. Includes wash, high-level disinfection, rinses, MRC testing and alcohol flush. For all qualified endoscopes except duodenoscopes which require additional time. Assuming nominal conditions for water pressure, flow rate and temperature.
  3. 15 or 30 minutes time to results dependent on software version of the STERRAD VELOCITY™ Reader. Refer to the IFU for actual time to results. Software upgrade may not be available in your market, please contact your local ASP representatives for more information.
  4. This product is not a sterilant. Ensure adequate ventilation and wear the appropriate PPE. Please refer to the CIDEX™ OPA Solution instructions for use for additional information.


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