Terminal Sterilization

For more than three decades, ASP has been a prominent leader in sterilization technology, with over 20,000 STERRAD™ Systems deployed worldwide. ASP offers an integrated system comprising of hydrogen peroxide sterilization and biological indicator monitoring, which assists users in ensuring swift and compliant reprocessing of instruments. The STERRAD™ Sterilization System utilizes its proprietary gas plasma sterilization technology, offering an extensive array of device validations for sterilization through close collaboration with medical device manufacturers. The STERRAD™ Sterility Guide provides a comprehensive list of over 20,000 device listings that have 100% endorsement from manufacturers, signifying their confirmed safety for use with STERRAD™ Systems.


STERRAD™ Systems

STERRAD NX™ System with ALLClear™ Technology

STERRAD NX System with ALLClear Technology is a compact unit which sterilizes medical devices.

This system can be placed on a cart or countertop when constrained for space.

  • Hydrogen peroxide monitoring

  • Gas plasma technology

  • Two sterilization cycles

STERRAD™ 100NX System with ALLClear™ Technology

STERRAD™ 100NX System with ALLClear™ Technology is one of the latest releases from the STERRAD™ Systems platform, featuring over 25 years of innovation in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma (HPGP) sterilization technology.

  • Four sterilization cycles for all reprocessing needs

  • Large 152 L chamber volume to maximize throughput

  • Foot activated door for hands-free operation

STERRAD™ 100S Sterilizer

The STERRAD 100S Sterilization System has been developed to sterilize medical devices by diffusing hydrogen peroxide into the chamber and then "exciting" the hydrogen peroxide molecules into plasma state.

  • Ease of use: one-button operation

  • System byproducts are water vapor and oxygen

  • Sterilized instruments are free from toxic residue


STERRAD™ Consumables

STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator System

The STERRAD VELOCITY™ System is the only biological indicator (BI) monitoring system that quickly guides users through compliant biological indicator (BI) processing and automatically creates audit-ready records. 

  • Compliance Made Simple

  • Elevate the Standard of Care

  • Always Ready Under Pressure

Tyvek® Pouches and Rolls with STERRAD™ Chemical Indicator (CI) Strips

Sterilization packaging designed and validated for use in STERRAD Systems.

  • Effective microbial barrier

  • Convenient built-in STERRAD™ Chemical Indicator (Cl) Strips

  • Can be double pouched for added protection for use in STERRAD® Systems

APTIMAX® Instrument Trays, Tray Holders and STERRAD™ Instrument Tray Mats

Lightweight and durable option for properly packaging instrumentation. Fully validated for use in all STERRAD® Systems.

  • Silicone instrument mats and holders provide added protection and flexibility

  • APTIMAX ® Instrument Trays Holders customize your trays for a variety of instruments

  • Designed to remain durable for years

SEALSURE® Chemical Indicator (CI) Tape and STERRAD™ Chemical Indicator (CI) Strips

SEALSURE® CI Tape and STERRAD CI Strips change from red to color (or lighter) indicated by comparator bar when exposed to hydrogen peroxide to differentiate between processed and unprocessed loads.

  • Contains no natural rubber latex

  • Designed specifically for use with your STERRAD® Sterilization System

  • Easy-to-read indication that the instruments have been exposed to hydrogen peroxide