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Low Temperature Sterilization

Low temperature sterilization uses gaseous or chemical sterilants to sterilize medical devices and instruments at temperatures below 60°C (152°F).1 It is typically used in the reprocessing of temperature- and moisture-sensitive devices, which cannot be sterilized using more traditional methods such as steam autoclaves.

Through ASP ACCESS™ Technology, ASP devices can be connected to each other, users and hospital systems, allowing automatic communication, information-sharing and record keeping between devices, reducing the opportunity for human error.


STERRAD™ Systems

ASP’s sterilizers – STERRAD™ Systems with ALLClear™ Technology – combine the use of hydrogen peroxide and its low-temperature gas plasma to safely and rapidly sterilize a wide range of medical devices and materials, without leaving toxic residues.

STERRAD™ Systems, together with STERRAD VELOCITY™ and ASP ACCESS™ Technology, create a medical device reprocessing ecosystem that facilitates compliant and efficient sterile reprocessing of surgical instruments.

STERRAD™ 100NX System with All Clear™ Technology

STERRAD™ 100NX with ALLClear™ Technology is one of the latest releases from the STERRAD™ Systems platform, featuring over 25 years of innovation in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma (HPGP) sterilization technology

  • The STERRAD™ 100NX with ALLClear™ Technology is the most advanced unit from the STERRAD™ Systems platform, designed to safely and efficiently reprocess a large number of instruments

  • Designed to minimise workflow interruptions and enhance compliance

STERRAD™ Consumables

The fully integrated STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator / Process Challenge Device (BI/PCD) provides rapid sterility assurance, giving staff in the central sterile supply department the confidence that the STERRAD™ Sterilization Cycle has been effective.

APTIMAX™ Instrument Trays

Lightweight and durable option for properly packaging instrumentation. Fully validated for use in all STERRAD™ Systems.

  • Silicone instrument mats and holders provide added protection and flexibility

  • APTIMAX™ Instrument Trays Holders customize your trays for a variety of instruments

  • Designed to remain durable for years

STERRAD™ System Cassettes

ASP’s STERRAD™ Systems use low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma to sterilize a range of medical devices. Sterilant comes pre-packaged in sealed STERRAD™ System Cassettes, which contain precisely measured quantities of hydrogen peroxide solution, making gas plasma sterilization both convenient and effective.

ASP Heat Sealers

ASP Heat Sealers are high-quality devices manufactured in Germany by HAWO, a leading heat sealers manufacturer. Sealers, all accessories, consumables, spare parts and service are provided by ASP. There are three available models to choose from, to cover the needs of every CSSD.

  • HS 900 - simple and reliable heat sealer with no additional digital features

  • HS 1000 - our well-known sealer with revised design and keyboard display for easier use

  • HS 2000 - technically advanced rotary heat sealer