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Low Temperature Gas Plasma Sterilization

ASP's interconnected hydrogen peroxide sterilization and biological indicator monitoring system guides users to help ensure quick and compliant instrument reprocessing. The STERRAD™ Sterilization System's proprietary gas plasma sterilization offers a large list of device validations for sterilization in close partnership with medical device manufacturers. The STERRAD VELOCITY™ System is the all-in-one Biological Indicator and Process Challenge Device for ensuring sterility assurance. Through ASP ACCESS™ Technology, ASP systems communicate together to provide an interconnected system of compliance guidance that combines error prevention features with automated audit-ready record keeping and integration with major ITS providers.


STERRAD® Systems

STERRAD NX™ System with ALLClear™ Technology

STERRAD NX™ System with ALLClear™ Technology is the compact unit from the STERRAD™ Systems platform.

  • Two sterilization cycles for your reprocessing needs

  • Compact size to fit in the tightest space constraints

  • Portable system that can be placed on a cart

STERRAD™ 100NX System with ALLClear™ Technology

STERRAD™ 100NX System with ALLClear™ Technology is one of the latest releases from the STERRAD™ Systems platform, featuring over 25 years of innovation in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma (HPGP) sterilization technology.

  • Four sterilization cycles for all reprocessing needs

  • Large 152 L chamber volume to maximize throughput

  • Foot activated door for hands-free operation

STERRAD™ 100S System

ASP STERRAD™ 100S System offers a history of reliabilityefficiency, and performance that you can count on for simplicity in instrument reprocessing. 

STERRAD® Consumables

Tyvek® Pouches and Rolls with STERRAD™ Chemical Indicator (CI) Strips

Sterilization packaging designed and validated for use in STERRAD Systems.

  • Effective microbial barrier

  • Convenient built-in STERRAD™ Chemical Indicator (Cl) Strips

  • Can be double pouched for added protection for use in STERRAD® Systems

APTIMAX™ Instrument Trays

Learn more about APTIMAX™ Instrument Trays offering optimal protection for your instruments and are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Silicone instrument mats and holders provide added protection and flexibility

  • APTIMAX™ Instrument Trays Holders customize your trays for a variety of instruments

  • Designed to remain durable for years