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High-Level Disinfection

ASP High-level disinfection Systems have unique features designed to deliver consistent and reliable reprocessing. Whether you work in a small clinic where space is limited, or a large facility with a heavy procedure volume, ASP has an endoscope reprocessing system and solution to match your needs. We also offer detergents and biocides to aid the precleaning and manual cleaning steps of your workflow.


Detergents / Cleaning

CIDEZYME™ XTRA Multi-Enzymatic Detergent

CIDEZYME™ XTRA Multi-Enzymatic Detergent is a low-foaming, mild pH cleaning solution which combines chemical and multi-enzymatic actions to rapidly remove medical soils. It is uniquely formulated for automatic or manual endoscope reprocessing. 

  • Fast acting: three-minute soak time allows fast turnaround of instruments

  • User-friendly: low foaming with a mild pH

  • Compatible: contains corrosion inhibitors to ensure compatibility with medical devices

CIDEZYME™ Enzymatic Detergent Solution

CIDEZYME™ Enzymatic Detergent Solution is a mild enzyme-based pre-soak and cleaner designed to effectively remove organic soil from contaminated endoscopic instruments and other medical devices prior to disinfection. 

Biocides / High-Level Disinfection

PRESEPT™ Disinfectant Tablets & Granules

PRESEPT™ products take hospital and hard surface disinfection beyond the confines of hypochlorites. A complete biocidal spectrum based on the unique action of NaDCC (troclosene sodium) ensures a highly effective disinfection, even in the presence of blood or other organic matter, providing protection against all organisms including MRSA1, HIV, Hepatitis B and Herpes viruses. With long-term stability in storage, full biocidal activity is guaranteed right up to the moment of use. In every department, PRESEPT™ disinfectant products provide a dependable, practical and versatile solution to disinfection.

  • Dependable. Practical. Versatile.