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This Website contains the terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), including this introductory language, that govern the purchase order (“PO”) issued to you (“Supplier”) by any Advanced Sterilization Products entity (“ASP”).The PO is expressly made conditional on Supplier’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any additional terms and conditions expressly stated by ASP in the PO.By accepting the PO and/or starting performance, Supplier acknowledges that Supplier has read, understands, and agrees to be bound by all applicable terms and conditions.

There are multiple sets of Terms and Conditions to address various situations. The applicable Terms and Conditions may vary from PO to PO depending on the specific circumstances of each PO.However, only one of the General Provisions sets of Terms and Conditions will apply to each individual PO.In addition to the General Provisions, also carefully review the Special Provisions to identify any of those additional Terms and Conditions that apply to your PO.You are responsible for correctly identifying and applying the appropriate set of Terms and Conditions to your PO based on these instructions and the relevant circumstances.

ASP may revise these Terms and Conditions by posting the revised Terms and Conditions to this Website. The revised Terms and Conditions will be effective for POs issued after update.

Special Provisions

  1. Responsibility and Conduct Standards Applicable To All Suppliers

  2. In addition to the Terms and Conditions, for any PO designating Advanced Sterilization Products, Inc. as the receiving entity or for delivery anywhere within the United States of America or its territories, Advanced Sterilization Products, Inc. is a party to this PO for the purposes of compliance with and enforcement of all applicable quality requirements, whether applicable via this PO, a separate Quality Agreement, or other document (“Quality Requirements”), and compliance with such Quality Requirements is a material part of this PO.


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