Our Commitment to You

At ASP, we are dedicated to provide clinical education to support our partners, in addition to innovative solutions for sterilization and disinfection.

ASP has been a leader in sterilization technology for over 30 years, with over 20,000+ STERRAD™ systems worldwide. ASP works closely with medical device manufacturers to ensure that their devices are compatible with the STERRAD™ systems. The STERRAD™ Sterility Guide contains 20,000+ device listings that have received 100% endorsement from device manufacturers, indicating that these devices have been confirmed safe for use with STERRAD™ systems.

Comprehensive Training Programme (CTP) for STERRAD™ Sterilization Systems is a series of educational training days exclusively for ASP’s STERRAD™ users.

More on the Comprehensive Training Programme (CTP) for STERRAD™ Sterilization Systems

The team in ASP Australia-New Zealand conducts regular customer CTP educational training days in various cities throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Comprehensive Training Programme (CTP) for STERRAD™ Sterilization Systems is a comprehensive series of training modules to support and equip the users of ASP's STERRAD™ Sterilization System with enhanced knowledge and understanding of the system.

CTPs in Australia (2023):

  • Gold Coast - 21st February 2023, Tuesday 

  • Brisbane - 11th May 2023, Thursday 

  • Sydney - 19th May 2023, Friday 

  • Adelaide - 23rd June 2023, Friday 

  • Adelaide - 26th June 2023, Monday 

  • Gosford - 13th September 2023, Wednesday ☑

  • Melbourne - 11th October 2023, Wednesday ☑

If you are a current STERRAD™ user, and you would like to find out more on the STERRAD™ Comprehensive Training Programme:


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