ASP Resumes Customer Support Visits During COVID-19


Dear Valued Customer,

We know our customers are facing new challenges and questions about what the next phase of this pandemic will bring.  Please know we are in this together and ASP teams continue to monitor and adapt our efforts to meet your needs.

In the early stages of the pandemic we announced efforts to support our customers with their focus on both site and patient needs.  As part of this we delayed planned maintenance activities except when requested and suspended activities that would require entrance to customer sites.

In order to meet the evolving needs of our customers we are again allowing US* ASP team members to work with you to enter facilities for corrective maintenance, planned maintenance, in-service activities and other support needs you may have.  ASP continues to provide PPE for our employees and enforce daily screening for temperature, as well as reporting of symptoms and potential at-risk contacts and exposure to ASP.  In addition, our teams will work with yours on how best to abide by your site requirements.

We are dedicated to our mission, to protect patients during their most critical moments, now more than ever before.

ASP employees want to support you.  Please let us know how we can help at this time. We value your partnership and together we can navigate this unprecedented situation and emerge stronger on the other side. 


Dominic Ivankovich, ASP President


*To determine if customer support visit restrictions have been lifted in a country outside the United States, please consult your local ASP representative.