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Sterilization Monitoring

ASP's sterilization monitoring solutions provide the confidence you require in your sterilization processes. Whether you employ steam or vaporized hydrogen peroxide for sterilization, our sterilization monitoring readers are expertly designed to deliver dependable results about the sterilization process.


Sterilization Monitoring Systems

STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator/Process Challenge Device System

STERRAD VELOCITY™ Biological Indicator (BI)/ Process Challenge Device (PCD) is the all-in-one Process Challenge Device designed by ASP specifically for all STERRAD™ System Cycles.

  • Ready Under Pressure

  • Elevate the Standard of Care

  • Compliance Made Simple

Sterilization Monitoring Supplies

SEALSURE™ Chemical Indicator (CI) Tape and STERRAD™ Chemical Indicator (CI) Strips

SEALSURE™ CI Tape and STERRAD™ CI Strips change from red to color (or lighter) indicated by comparator bar when exposed to hydrogen peroxide to differentiate between processed and unprocessed loads.

  • Contains no natural rubber latex

  • Designed specifically for use with your STERRAD® Sterilization System

  • Easy-to-read indication that the instruments have been exposed to hydrogen peroxide