Key takeaways from the ASP Symposium at the WFHSS in Geneva, 20 Nov 2021


It has been a pleasure having all 200+ attendees at the ASP Symposium on Nov 20th, 2021 at the WFHSS in Geneva. The topic of the symposium was:

“The importance of Low Temperature Sterilization Validation & Compliance”

Here some key takeaways from our three renowned speakers:

Patrick Turner, Beaumont Hospital, Ireland:

“Comprehensive research on MD compatibility with its vital before medical devices are reprocessed for the first time. Monitoring over time is key to producing a quality product. Review the data and propose improvements were applicable.”

ASP Symposium Combi

Ben Fryer, ASP R&D:

“A Biological Indicator BI) is used only demonstrate necessary conditions were met to achieve sterilization. A Process Challenge Device (PCD) is better than BI because assess process performance by providing a challenge equal or greater than most difficult items routinely processed”

Wouter Meert, UZ Leuven, Belgium:

“Low temp sterilization by Hydrogen Peroxide became a standard in the reprocessing of Medical Devices. Take the opportunity to create a qualitative process in your CSSD based on the ISO 13485”.

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