STERRAD™ Systems offer a range of integrated technologies and features, which work to promote efficient and compliant sterilization by:

Reducing Workflow Interruptions

STERRAD™ Systems feature ALLClear™ Technology, an innovative software that works to optimise package and instrument conditions for sterilization, minimising workflow interruptions and cycle cancellations.1, 2 Integrated quality control mechanisms aim to enhance compliance2 and a foot pedal allows users to load and unload chambers with both hands occupied, optimising productivity and instrument turnaround.1

Minimising Human Error

TERRAD™ Systems are compatible with ASP ACCESS™, a smart information-sharing technology that seamlessly connects ASP devices, hospital networks and instrument tracking systems.3 Through automatic reconciliation of sterilization records and production of audit-ready data, it works to enhance compliance and minimise the potential for human error.3

Meeting the Needs of Individual Hospitals and CSSDs

STERRAD™ system configuration can be customised to the needs of individual hospitals and central sterile services departments (CSSDs). With up to four different cycle options available, the STERRAD™ 100NX can be tailored for use with a range of different instruments and medical devices, depending on the type of procedures performed at each individual hospital.1, 4  A double-door system also allows contaminated and sterile items to be kept physically separate, reducing the risk of recontamination.1, 4

Through optimising the efficiency of sterilization processes and enhancing compliance with guidelines, STERRAD™ Systems can play a critical role in ensuring medical and surgical instruments are reprocessed correctly, thereby potentially reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections and ensuring patient safety.5, 6


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