Low Temperature Gas Plasma Sterilization

STERRAD® Systems

STERRAD™ Systems lowers H2O2 emissions from devices, protecting instruments, users, patients and environments in healthcare facilities.

  • Uses hydrogen peroxide vapor and plasma to safely and rapidly sterilize medical instruments and materials lowering the potential for leaving toxic emissions.
  • Sterrad Systems have over 23,000 full medical device manufacturer (MDM) endorsements.
  • Over 15 million cycles successfully completed worldwide each year, impacting millions of patients annually.


High-Level Disinfection

High level disinfection

ASP HLD Systems have unique features designed to deliver consistent and reliable reprocessing. 

  • The ASP AEROFLEX™ AER with integrated AUTOSURE™ MRC Monitor automates critical steps and streamlines workflow, allowing you to turn your scope inventory faster and perform more procedures. 
  • The EVOTECH® ECR has automatic leak detection, blockage detection, and MEC monitoring to ensure minimum effective concentration of CIDEX® OPA Concentrate Solution (CIDEX® OPA-C Solution).
  • CIDEX® OPA Solution and enzymatic detergents are also available for manual reprocessing.