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Event Stakeholders

Whilst our daily focus is with the marketer or event organiser, we also have an impact on other departments and job functions:

The Organiser

Our daily focus is with the marketer or event organiser.

We speak to the teams regularly from the start of the briefing process, site launch, throughout the campaign, and post show to ensure they are getting the most out of SHOWOFF™. We will train all staff necessary to use the site proficiently and are on hand to answer any questions with 24hr support. 

We will advise on best practice with the main aim to ensure visitors can navigate simply and easily. We also provide award-winning creative design to organisers which can either supplement their in-house team or as an alternative to incumbent design agencies.

Event Director

Event Directors need to be safe in the knowledge that not only is their website is performing to visitors' requirements, but is actively delivering the exhibitor value proposition which attracts those all important sales leads.  

Event Directors also need to know that the money they are investing in a event website is delivering a return on investment. With ASP you know the website and online marketing is in good hands. We will look after your marketer, ops manager and conference producer every step of the way.


It’s all about the bottom line. ASP has been working with clients for 18 years and we are tried, tested and trusted. On paper we may not be the cheapest option you have, or perhaps you are toying with the idea of having an internal team to develop your web products, but choosing ASP can be the best investment you make because the overall ROI is extremely effective. 

With ASP your highly skilled marketers are not press ganged into becoming unskilled/untrained software designers and testers. This distracts them from marketing. Perhaps they are dealing with an internal IT team which has other priorities? Is one event website more important than your company's overall IT infrastructure? Maybe not and that’s where the bottom line will start to suffer. Also there is a technical risk of under prioritising a marketer's request to urgently change the website. Your marketers support sales and grow events. 

At ASP we understand the event dynamic; before the show the event director and the marketer drive the success but it’s a time precious process. We have worked on thousands of event websites and campaigns and require no tactical hand holding. You outsource to us because we are flexible, fast, stable and ready. We can even teach the teams about website revenue generating processes. Your companies IT infrastructure? Leave that to your IT team – that’s their priority and expertise.

Finally we have to develop our product constantly otherwise we lose clients – that means your online marketing is constantly being developed and is never left behind.

CTO/IT Manager

Who is responsible for the website? In most companies there is a funny dynamic between marketing (the communicators) and IT (the enablers) – there can be a battle between the two departments for control of the website – marketers want speed to market and IT want security and adherence to data processes. 

What IT don’t want is to become expensive secretaries for everything online, that is an email (or ten!) a day about changing a word or image on the website. Good IT should be strategic, making decisions that cut down on future issues as opposed to tactical – running around with unpredicted time stealers like crashed servers, ISP issues or persistent marketers wanting websites updated. 

ASP is here to enable the requirements of the marketers, we empower them to communicate without involvement. For the IT department this is good news, now there is a third party supplier to handle all the website issues and rest assured we have all the good processes in place that you would insist on:  data security, SLAs, back-ups, financial stability etc. We are also happy to talk with you in regard to integrating the website data with any internal CRM or people databases your have.

Site domains and sub domains can either be set up and managed by your IT department or by us - either way we are happy to let you know what is needed in simple terms so you can instruct them on what needs to be done in order to get your sites up and running efficiently.


With an ASP website exhibitors have the facility to promote themselves to their key audience. SHOWOFF™ makes the uploading of all content very easy so that the exhibitor in fact builds a personal web entry which promotes them all year round. Depending on the setup for a particular show the exhibitor can also add their contacts to the website allowing visitors to talk to them via the system (eg. they could enquire about a product or make an appointment). Statistics are available for exhibitors to see how many people viewed their profile and products.

Content types that could be uploaded include text, images, PDFs (for brochures, white papers, case studies etc) and video.


Visitors can not only view all the basic information to attend an event (times, location, maps, dates etc) but they can start to proactively plan their visit. Each Expo licence website includes a full exhibitor list that can be filterable by product category so the visitor can target their interests. Furthermore, depending on the website setup, the visitor could search for other content (again filterable) to help them plan their show. Examples are:

  • Exhibitors
  • Products
  • Seminars
  • Speakers
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Brochures
  • Videos
  • Press releases
  • Website content

If the organiser has purchased the Communities module then it is possible for the visitor to store their favourites, message other participants and make appointments which are stored in their emailable and printable calender.