Key takeaways from the ASP Symposium at the WFHSS in Barcelona, 17 Nov 2022

It has been a pleasure having all 230+ attendees at the ASP Symposium on Nov 17th, 2022 at the WFHSS in Barcelona. The topic of the symposium was:

"H2O2 Sterilization: Standards, Physics, Medical Devices, and Practice" including an update on ISO 22441.

To watch the recording of the symposium, click on the image below.


Here some key takeaways from our three prominent speakers:

Daniel Beysens / Nicolas Lavielle

Measuring variables at chamber or load level are sufficient to control sterilization process but not enough to understand them. Understanding the intimacy of sterilization implies a closer look to phenomena such as absorption and condensation, occurring at germ level.

Philippe Destrez

As applications of H2O2 low-temperature sterilization (LTS) are constantly broadening, a need appeared to remind the key principles of ISO 14937 and explain how they apply to H2O2 LTS. ISO 22441, released in August 2022, reminds ISO 14937 principles and explains how they apply to H2O2 LTS.

Wouter Meert

Having the norm on paper is not the same as understanding its impact. We need to decide together with your LTS manufacturer which parameters are used to release your loads. Use both ISO 22441 and ISO 14937 in your future tenders until the EN 17180 is published.

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