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What does ASP do?

We provide websites and online marketing, mainly for the event, exhibition and conference market. The websites are powered by SHOWOFF™ which is our custom built content management system designed for events. SHOWOFF™ is built of a core system with additional modules, such as Communities, available as optional bolt-ons. We also have a full design agency service, ASP DESIGN, available too. ASP has been providing event websites since 1997.

How quickly can I get a project started?

If you need a tradeshow, exhibition, conference, publication, or event website designed and launched, then it depends on where you are with your current site, how quickly you can sign-off on the website design and when you can start training - but its usually around 6-8 weeks from initial discussions to launch. We can in exceptional circumstances launch a website much quicker assuming we can sign off on design and the content is ready to input.

How is SHOWOFF™ costed?

There is a standard licence fee for the core products, which runs for one show cycle, with additional costs for the optional modules. It is possible to start with a stripped down version of the core product for newly launched events. Note that we have a transparent pricing structure in that our prices are consistent across clients - we only discount for volume, long term contracts and launch events.

For a guideline on prices please speak to our sales team:

(UK): +44 (0) 20 8680 8004 
(USA):+1 702 853 7718

Do I need any special software to use SHOWOFF™?

All you need is a PC or MAC with internet access. There's no need to add any specialist hardware and no need to download any other software.

This means not only can you work on your website from the office but from home or onsite at a venue.

What about training?

We will train your staff to use the SHOWOFF™ - usually one day is enough - held at the ASP offices. A reasonable amount of "refresher" training is included, but if you require a substantial amount of further training then there may be a charge.

When we train we also teach best practice too, especially on content input and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Bespoke training sessions can also be arranged on request if needed. If you cannot easily get to an ASP office (London, Las Vegas or Sydney) then we can train remotely.

Check out our workshop calendar here.

Where is ASP located?

ASP’s UK head office is in South London (Croydon) and we have AN office in Las Vegas too. These 2 locations allow ASP to cover the globe in terms of a 24-hour service cover.

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Who does ASP partner with?

ASP works closely with the international events associations like IAEE, SISO & the AEO and with other technology suppliers around the world. ASP has also spearheaded Technology for Events which is a group of likeminded suppliers to the events industry.

Read more on our Industry support and partners

Does ASP work with the event industry trade associations?

In the UK ASP support the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) and their events throughout the year as part of our commitment to advance the industry. We sponsor the annual Awards and Conference together with the Marketing Forum. ASP is also a FaceTime sponsor.

In the USA we are strategic partners of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), the International Special Events Society (ISES) and gold sponsor of the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO). 

In Australia we are also members of Meeting Events Australia (MEA). 

Our co-founder and CEO, Arran Coole, is a member of PCMA and the Institute of Directors (IoD).

Does ASP have international experience?

We are international!

We have built sites for events in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and The Middle East. We are actively speaking to a number of international organisers about other exciting projects throughout the world.

ASP has offices in Europe & North America which deal with local clients and events.

ASP sounds great, can I work for you?

We’re glad you like what we do and how we do it, check out our Careers page for current open positions.