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About Showoff™

Creating event websites that inspire

Creating event websites that inspire

ASP provide websites and online marketing, mainly for the event, exhibition and conference market.

We understand that an event website needs to bring the brand alive, develop dialogue and encourage interactivity between exhibitors, sponsors, press and prospective visitors, really showing the value of taking part and attending before the doors open. We're also aware of the importance the website plays in converting visitors to your show.

The Product – SHOWOFF™

All our websites are powered by an in-house developed product called Showoff™. Specifically designed for event marketers, the Showoff™ platform has been built to specialise in the design and development of content rich event websites for event/expo organisers. No other event web development company has our level of exhibition expertise, which means we can provide bespoke strategic and technical advice as well as world class support.

With over 4,000 event websites built and 100,000 exhibitors currently using the system; Showoff™ is a tried and tested product and an industry leader.

Showoff™ is made up of a core system with additional modules aimed at collecting data, generating content, looking great and improving visitor conversion. Modules such as Engage™ and Libraries are available as bolt-ons to create a site specifically built to your needs.

Benefits of using Showoff™

Showoff™’s modular system provides great functionality to your website:

  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • High-end design and flexibility
  • Responsive design
  • Data capture
  • Exhibitor generated content
  • Seminar programme
  • Networking nad matchmaking
  • Revenue generating
  • Polls
  • Trace to source marketing
  • Social media sharing
  • RSS feeds


We can also link and integrate with third parties such as Onsite Registration, Floorplans and CRM databases. 


Did you know ASP were the first with log-in "Exhibitor Zones" for exhibitors to upload content in 1998? Or that we have enabled shows with matchmaking services since 1998 as well? ASP has been creating database driven event websites since 1997 and we are known for innovation in our field. 

Site Security

At ASP we take security very seriously. If we were to lose a clients' data or if a website had been hacked not only is that terrible for our clients but it would also be a disastrous loss of reputation for ASP - and that's a real incentive to stay on top of our game. 

  • We run all the required off-site backups and get reports if backups failed to run - which they don't.
  • We ensure that every server runs the smallest software footprint possible (ie. we don't install additional software unless it's really needed).
  • We run a Defence In Depth approach - for example the database servers are protected by multiple layers of firewalls in addition to other measures.
  • When someone connects to the servers (eg. visiting a home page), chances are we know if they are 'suspect' and respond appropriately.
  • We run real time server monitors from 2 sources and are aware of any drops in service speed immediately.
  • We run Adobe ColdFusion applications - much harder for the average script bunny to attack.
  • Anti-Virus software is correctly installed and updated on all ASP machines.


If you feel your website requires an extra level of security or robustness additional options are available. Please contact your Account Manager.


  • Perimeter & Building Security – 24 hour manned car park with barrier entry control and the accommodation is manned 24 x 7 x 365 with a security force.
  • Data Suite Security – includes CCTV with 24x7 recording delivered over IP to NOC monitors as well as 24x7 engineers for helpdesk and remote hands support.
  • Network resilience – includes a triangulated link between 3 hosting centers plus back-up LAN runs over separate switching infrastructure.
  • Fire Protection Plan – Datasuite provided with a pre-action fire protection system and an FM200 gas fire suppression system.
  • Failsafe power – The accommodation is fed from a 11kV service with two feeders giving 100% redundancy to the supply cable.
  • Generator Backup – Each UPS system is supported by a 2,500HP Caterpillar diesel engine that also generates power for essential loads such as cooling plant.
  • UPS Capacity – three rotary UPS systems to provide N+1 redundancy, each rated at 1,100kVA.
  • HVAC System – The Datasuite is serviced by 5 x 60kW Liebert-Hiross downflow air conditioning units that pressurise the raised floor areas. Conditioned air rises up through cutouts under the racks/cabinets and through floor grills in the circulation routes.
  • Leak Detection System – Any leak will activate this system and can be located by control panel graphics.
  • Building Management System – make management decisions about the environmental stability of the accommodation from any off-site location.


We have written our own product - Showoff™ - which runs as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. This means you do not install any software and all the website changes and email marketing is handled via a web browser. In terms of our set-up we run mainly a Microsoft Windows Server environment coupled with Microsoft SQL Server as the core database. Our application is based on Adobe's ColdFusion which we find to be very secure and quick to code in. Some of our equipment also runs open source software based on Linux.